The Birth Poster

A scaled print of your masterpiece

The Birth Poster is a series of unique and timeless illustrations that reminds you of how small your child was when you first met.

This shop is all about custom products and well thought customer experience. It really made our Wordpress and WooCommerce expertise shine at its brightest.


Schmeck Studios

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Used techs
WooCommerce HTML5 CSS3

Modern UX for multiple devices

Today you can not expect your customers to visit your webshop on a regular computer with a 23" screen. It's about to be where your customers are at the moment. The Birth Poster shop provides a seamless experience for customers for large, medium and small screens.

This project also led us to make the client's second webshop,

Kolla här pil - Limeloop AB

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Complex product made easy

Some products are more unique than others. In this case the input from the customers is the central part of the product. The poster builder, designed by Gustav Westman at Schmeck, is a perfect example of how we can make your vision become real.

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