Andreas Gustafsson - Limeloop


Founder, front-end developer and designer.
Charming and the clients favorite.

Fredrik Lundgren - Limeloop


Founder, front-end developer and designer.
Lives in technicolor and talks a lot.

Jonas Öström - Limeloop


Founder, back-end developer.
Can only do one thing at a time.

Damjan Polugic - Limeloop


Partner and back-end developer.
He's like special forces.


Project leader who laughs too loud and too much.

The story behind Limeloop

It all started when students from University of Stockholm met. They all studied computer science and was amazed of how fun it was to create applications, design databases and most of all; sit by the computers all day drinking unhealthy strong coffee.

During school family and friends asked them for help, Limeloop was founded. From there, every project has formed the agency into what is today; A fun place where we can go to every day and do what we love.

Our team got bigger when a guy discovered after four years of studying chemistry at Royal Institute of Technology, that he likes programming. He started at Limeloop and a few months later he became the number one at Limeloop. Life is unfair, yes sir.

After a while we discovered that we needed to increase our team with a new member. After a quick chat we found a perfect match. She was very nice but what really caught our attention was that she didn't roll her eyes at us when we tried to show off our programming skills.

It usually starts with "Hello..."

Got some fragments that needs a rythm?
Got a simple digital question about how to build the next internet?

Just send us an email to get in touch, we start from there!