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The Swedish Number

The Swedish Number

Sweden went to be the first country in the world with its own phone number. People all around the world called and got connected to a random Swede and talked about anything. Probably one of the worlds most successful campaign ever.

We did our part in creating the beautiful website and had a lovely time on this project.

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Ogilvy Digital Services


INGO Stockholm

Type of project

Landing page

Wordpress HTML5 CSS3

It was extra important to find a flexible and goal-oriented web development team who wanted to engage themselves after the campaign started. Because we'd worked with Limeloop on previous successful projects the choice was clear.

— Henrik Österman, Project Manager INGO Stockholm
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Real-time updates

The website had some custom connections to track the statistics of the campaign.
The statistics were fetched from a separate system. Luckily for us, we have our skills in writing pretty complex SQL-queries.

People love numbers, especially when it's real-time updated. It's really got the people coming back and follow the whole campaign.

Fredrik Lundgren - Limeloop

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